Old Swedish Dictionary - hunar

Meaning of Old Swedish word "hunar" in Swedish.

As defined by K.F Söderwall's dictionary of Medieval Swedish:

inbyggare i Humaland. Di 185, 222. Jfr hynir.

Part of speech: nn

Grammatical aspect: pl.

Alternative forms or notes:
  • hynar Di 185 ;
  • -a ib 222.
  • hinar: hina ib 222 ; " se vidare " Di 339-90),
  • huna här
  • -her )
  • huna konunger ,
  • huna land
  • huneland Di 24. hwnelandh),

Possible runic inscription in Medieval Futhork:ᚼᚢᚿᛆᚱ
Medieval Runes were used in Sweden from 12th to 17th centuries.

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Sagan om Didrik af Bern. Utg. af G. O. Hyltén-Cavallius. 1850--54.
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