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Meaning of Old Swedish word "kitla" in Swedish.

As defined by K.F Söderwall's dictionary of Medieval Swedish:

kitla Old Swedish word can mean:

1) kittla, klia, reta. bildl opteder han (ɔ: licamen) allan croppen, kitzlar opwkter til syndenne samtykki J Buddes b 173.
2) kittlas känna kittling el. retelse. huru han ((ɔ: licamnen) är. .. kizslande (pruviens) j olofligom lustom J Buddes b 164.

Part of speech: vb

Grammatical aspect: v.

Alternative forms or notes:
  • kitzla kiizsla )

Possible runic inscription in Medieval Futhork:ᚴᛁᛏᛚᛆ
Medieval Runes were used in Sweden from 12th to 17th centuries.

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