Old Swedish Dictionary - lämmar

Meaning of Old Swedish word "lämmar" (or læmmar) in Swedish.

As defined by K.F Söderwall's dictionary of Medieval Swedish:

lämmar (læmmar)
lämmel, gnagare tillhörande någt av släktena myodes Pall. el. lemmus Geoffr. in. .. helsingia, atque vicinis prouincuiis diœceis vpsalensis euenit. .. vt bestiol? quadrupedes, lemmar, vell lemmus dictæ, magnitudine soricis, pelle varia, per tempestaes & repentinos imbres e cälo decidant Ol. Magnus Hist. de gent. sepentr. l. XVIII c. 20.

Orthography: Early Old Swedish used different letters for ä and ö, so lämmar may have also been written as læmmar

Part of speech: nn

Alternative forms or notes:
  • lemm- )

Possible runic inscription in Medieval Futhork:ᛚᛅᛘᛘᛆᚱ
Medieval Runes were used in Sweden from 12th to 17th centuries.

Works and authors cited:

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