Old Swedish Dictionary - otta

Meaning of Old Swedish word "otta" in Swedish.

As defined by K.F Söderwall's dictionary of Medieval Swedish:

otta. Jfr paska otta.

Part of speech: nn

Alternative forms or notes:
  • ottosanger (otosangher SkrtUppb 215.
  • olesanger: -sangen MP 4: 215.
  • ottasanger: -sangen Mecht 49. attesang(h)er: -sang(h) ÅK 59, 64.
  • ottesanger: -sangern ib 58.
  • attensanger: -sangern ÅK 59.
  • octosanger: -sang (för otto-?). Jfr E. Lidén, Ark. f. Nord. Fil. 36: 42 f-, V. Jansson, Fornsvenska legendariet s. 44),
  • *ottosangs bok
  • ottesangx- )
  • *otto time ,
  • *otto vardher
  • ootho- )

Possible runic inscription in Medieval Futhork:ᚮᛏᛏᛆ
Medieval Runes were used in Sweden from 12th to 17th centuries.

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